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Windows 7 Upgrade only $29.99 for anyone with a .edu email!

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Check out http://www.win741.com/

Put in your e-mail and check it. It will default to windows 7 home premium, but click "Need To Join School's Domain?" to get Professional for the same price!

Even though this is designed for current students, alumni who can still access their student e-mails should have no problems getting the software as well.


There really is no reason to get home premium over professional, as professional has ALL the features of home premium, plus it includes XP mode, the ability to connect to a domain, and the ability to backup over a network.


Good deal since the Windows 7 Professional upgrade costs $199.


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You cannot do an upgrade from XP to Win7, you have to do a fresh install with a full format. You can upgrade Vista to Win7 without formatting but it's not advised.


If you have neither installed then you'll probably have to insert an XP/Vista install disc before it will start installing Win7. Either that or ask you for a XP/Vista serial to prove you have it.

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Also, if you are a WCU student, it looks like you can get Vista Ultimate for $15 (DVD). Might mean you can get Windows 7 Pro for that much once it is released. I know my brother-in-law was able to get Windows 7 Professional from his university for $10, like 3 weeks ago. Full Version, no restrictions.


*edited* me for never putting links in: http://www.wcu.edu/10608.asp

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Yes the site is up and looks like MS has decided to cash in on this. After reading this apparently anyone with a college Id that has paid their tuition can get in on an $30 upgrade. What is a million times $30 anyway? shareit vidmate Got to hand it to them they saw what was going on with the student thing and responded with their own deal.

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