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Magic the Gathering: The Thread

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So, who all went to Zendikar pre-release?


I went 2-2 and walked away with Rampaging Baloths (promo), Lullmage Mentor, Archmage Ascension, Grappling Hook, Gul Draz Specter, Sphinx of Jwar Island, Kalitas, Bloodcheif of Ghet (Kazka will probably want this guy), and Turntimber Ranger.


I was kinda *edited*ed because both the Ranger and the Sphinx are coming in the intro decks, so they will be dirt cheap. I need more Lullmage Mentors, so if anyone has any of those spare, I'll trade for them.

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lol. While you posted this, I was already writing my own thread. http://www.wcugaming.org/forums/index.php?/topic/12526-zendikar-pre-release-review/


Sucked that no one between 18 boxes drew a Lotus Cobra. But, I was content with what I drew. Just want a Chandra and I plan on making a monored burn deck.

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Right now I'm waiting for an e-mail back from the tournament organizer/shop owner of the place I went to this past weekend. Evidently they're also holding a Zendikar Release Event this coming Friday as well. Thinking about going to that too.

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check out this deck... won many games with it


Test of endurance-1


Dedicated Martyr-4

Wall of hope-4

spirit link-1

Venerable monk-4

Reward the faithful-1

Teroths faithful-1

Pious Warrior-2



Convalescent care-1

Reverse damage-1

Sacred nectar-2

Renewed faith-2

Life burst-2

reviving dose-2

trained pronghorn-1(switching out)

holy day-2

alabaster potion-2

soothing balm-1

Healing salve-1

Scent of jasmin-1

peace of mind 1

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Come play with us!


Magic: The Gathering is a great game with potentially endless variety. But it is not perfect; no matter what formats are used certain decks will always emerge as the best uses of the available tools.


Dynamic, radonmized formats such as Sealed and Draft help mix things up and make some of the more unusual possible decks viable, but require start-from-scratch deck-building every game or round of games. Playing with small collections unique to each individual removes this requirement, as well as introduces an additional meta-game beyond your own deckbuilding; that of learning the types of decks your favorite opponents' collections favor.


Here's how to play with virtual collections:


I have pre-generated 42 randomized collections for the following sub-formats:

- 9th Edition + Ravinca + Time Spiral blocks, 296 cards; four boosters from each major set and two from each minor set.


Sub-formats are defined by popular request; more will be added as time passes and existing sub-formats are populated.


Archives containing all 42 collections for each sub-format can be found here, in addition to these insctructions and a player regisry: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=139f5b312e4110a78ef1259ff1b60e81f0549ecc523da00c61390143435ec59c


Make a post with "dice 1d42" in the email field to see which collection you'll use! Use a name/tripcode in the same post, and you will be entered in the player registry available in the mediafire link above. That way, anyone you challenge to a game with the same name/code can verify that you didn't cherry-pick your collection, as well as comparing your play against their own copy of your collection so they know you aren't cheating by using other cards.


The collection files themselves are Magic Workstation databases. Follow these instructions to setup and work with Magic Workstation if you don't already have it installed: http://www.mwsgames.com/index.php/MWS_Install_Guide


...make sure you get the M:TG-specific game files, as MWS does not include any game-specific support by default!


Now you can view and deckbuild with your collection! Extract the zip containing the virtual collections, and then In Magic Workstation, Go "File > Open Libraries" and navigate to the one you rolled. Open it, and one of the panes is now displaying your collection. It should be in "view mode" as indicated by green text in the upper right of the pane.


Click in the other pane, and go "File > New Deck" to begin constructing a deck from your collection. The second pane should now be empty, and in "edit mode" as indicated by red text in the upper right of the pane.


If either mode is wrong, a button on the bar at the top of each pane can toggle the modes. Another button, a green box with an arrow, lets you add or remove cards to and from your deck pane, from your collection pane. Proceed with the building!


You are free to use AS MANY COPIES AS IS NORMALLY LEGAL (typically 4) of any card in your collection, as well as any of the five basic lands (available from the Master Library in your Magic Workstation root directory or the drop-down load menu), but no fewer than 60 cards in a deck.


Nothing is banned; it's highly unlikely that anyone will get gamebreaking combos.


Don't worry if this is overwhelming... You can take as long as you need to deckbuild, these threads will continue to be made from time to time.


Once you have a deck or three (or if you're already set up from a previous thread!), post here once again with your registered name and tripcode to find people to play against! You can also check #TGMagic on irc.mibbit.com or the following Google Wave: https://wave.google.com/wave/#minimized:nav,minimized:contact,minimized:search:in%253AInbox,restored:wave:googlewave.com!w%252BK1zW3Nk5A.2


To play, make sure you have the focus in a deck pane, then go "Game > Connect to and Opponent > Calling" and enter mwsplay.net in the ip box if it isn't already available. This will open a lobby where you or your opponent can host a game with a name easy for the other to find. Look for a game with M/tg/ in the name. If you don't see one, you can create one and wait, someone should be along sooner or later... sooner if you make a post on /tg/ or IRC and advertise!


...and that's it! Enjoy testing and improving your decks against your fellow fa/tg/uys, and once that gets old start thinking about what sub-formats you'd like to see next!


this is something i saw on /tg/ you make basically draft decks and with the mws you can play each other online, i dunno how you wanna do a random number but in the dl file you there are 42, i picked the 42, when you dl it you get them all, anyways if any of you wanna do this, lemme know, i made a le *edited*ty deck, it'd be nice to have other people to play around with, besides 4chan nerds.

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Did they intentionally make the old sets obsolete to boost sales or is there some other reason?


I thought about getting back into it but after hearing horror stories about the balancing from serveral poeple I know who've played it since day 1 I've held off.

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