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Just to let others know what the online multiplayer is like...feel free to add to what im saying....The multiplayer can be compareable to gears...except this game is much faster, more people in a server, larger varity of modes and weapons, unfortunatly no finishing moves. It starts u on separate sides of the map like in gears, you can hide very discreately, roll and dodge, and you can respawn or do elimination game, you can even talk *edited* to the other team when you kill one of them...The ranking system is awsome as well, and the controls are smooth...its no wonder half of my buddy list is obsesed with the beta...the others that arnt playing it are playing MAG beta which slaps COD in the face with a frying pan

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This game seems to have had a greater following than MGS4O, COD4andW@W, R2, and KZ2...Not only is the single player campaign almost perfect. The multiplier is fun and addicting. The reason it seems to have a greater following is when i get on my ps3 between 3 and 9 of my buddies were playing it. It was even like this during the beta up to the release of the game. If some of our biggest ps3 gamers here at the school weren't so god *edited* poor this would be a wonderful game to LAN.

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