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Super Street Fighter IV

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It has been confirmed by numerous sources that Super Street Fighter IV will be released Spring 2010. I might pick this game up b/c they are adding new characters AND they are tweaking characters based on the input from the Street Fighter community (so actually, I will be picking this up since characters shouldnt be so overpowered anymore, at least i hope not). Anyway, what do you all think of this?

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They're adding eight characters to the lineup, three of which have been confirmed - T.Hawk and DeeJay, and a new character named Juri. You also forgot to mention how they're releasing it as a standalone game, but it will only cost maybe $30-40 because they still consider it an expansion.


So if you bought SFIV the first time around, lol. Extra laughs if you bought a limited edition.


I'll have to wait and see the changes they made for myself. If the game is actually fun to play this time, I might think of getting it.

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