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All you Left 4 Dead people should have already watched this instant classic, but in case you didn't, just for the sake of not spoiling it for you, turn back NOW! And go watch the freakin movie! it's worth every penny.







okay so did anyone else find this movie pretty hilarious? I mean i wasn't expecting much, but Bill Murray totally stole the show, even with his 8 minutes on screen. And the last part where they go to the carnival, i smell L4D people being influenced or vice versa, but that part looked totally like L4D2. Maybe just coincidence? Only real minus would be how short the movie was. But yeah yall's thoughts?

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Saw it tonight and it was amazing...Yeah it was definitely like L4D especially the older girl and the character that woody plays. I think I'm going to see it again on Tuesday. Go see it you will like it alot...its not straight comedy funny but there are a lot of funny parts. def getting it too when it comes out...Best buy better get this in asap so i can buy it there the day it comes out...hopefully i work when it comes out haha.

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