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Hey it's your choice. Just do whatever your moral guidelines tell you to do.

I have zero interest in Borderlands but will most likely pirate CoD6 on release day. When they release dedicated servers I'll be first in line the next day to buy it.


I'll buy a good game but not if the developers are giving me the middle finger while I'm waiting in line.

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okay this game is ridiculous.



i just spent 4 and a half hours playing it for the first time. Got a solder to level 15. At first it was pretty simple...but the battles started to get more and more intense. Absolutely phenomenal. A *edited*ing plus.

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Another satisfied customer. Go play the game Mitch, lol.

Ok fine, you win.


Piratebay has a really sweet discount on it right now so I'm getting it there.


lol and you call me an *edited* for 'borrowing' 1.6 cdkey from walmart :P

but yeah, piratebay ftw :D




pirate it then if it's worthy of a purchase, that's when you lay down the dough right? That's what I normally do with games/movies/music.

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