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After MANY mid terms this week, I finally have the lan setting ironed out.


The games are Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Both tournaments will be set up with 2 man teams being randomly paired with another 2 man team in 4v4 matches. The winning pairs advance, and will be paired randomly with another team come next round. When The final 4v4 match takes place, the winning pair will split for a 2v2 to determine which team is the best.


The game rules are:

Call of Duty 4:

Game types


Game type - Team Death Match

Time Limit 10 - Minutes

Score Limit – 500

Only 1 Round



Game type - Team Death Match

Time Limit 10 - Minutes

Score Limit – 250

Best 2 out of 3, loser picks map

once a map is used it is removed from the list


Game Rules

Number of Lives – Unlimited

Respawn Delay – None

Max Health – Normal

Health Regeneration – Normal

Allow KillCam – Enabled

Allow Sprint – Enabled

Headshots Only - Disabled

Allow Perks - Enabled

Allow Air Support - Disabled

Old School Mode – Disabled

Hardcore Mode – Disabled

Spectating – Team Only

Wave Spawn Delay – None

Force Respawn – Enabled

Radar Always On - Yes

Friendly Fire - Disabled














50 Kills

Time Limit 15

1 Round



25 Kills

Time Limit 10

Best 2 of 3, loser picks map

Once a map is picked, it is remove from list


Game Rules

Slayer: MLG TS 7 WCU Rules 1

Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle

Secondary Weapon = None

Vehicle Set = No Vehicles

Custom Powerup Traits, Duration = 3 Seconds

Custom Powerup Traits, Damage Resistance = Invulnerable

Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Multiplier = 3X Overshields

Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Recharge Rate = 200%

Custom Powerup Traits, Player Speed = Unchanged

Player Speed = 110%

Shield Recharge Rate = 90%

Damage Modifier = 110%

Motion Tracker Mode = Off

Suicide Penalty = None

Betrayal Penalty = None

Team Changing = Not Allowed

Friendly Fire = Enabled



MLG Construct 7

MLG Narrows 7

MLG The Pit 7

MLG Amplified 7 (a foundry variant)



Message me about any questions

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