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First off I would like to say THANK YOU!!!!! to No Dice for these settings. The way you had them for the last TF2 tourney were amazing so thank you. These rules are pretty much the same.


The match setup will be as follows. Pretty standard double elimination style bracket.


Team Size - 5

Number of teams - 4 (Will adjust depending on the number of players)








Round 1

- Team 1 vs Team 2 > Team 1 wins

- Team 3 vs Team 4 > Team 3 wins


Round 2

- Team 1 vs Team 3 > Team 1 wins (advances to the final)

- Team 2 vs TEam 4 > Team 2 wins (Team 4 eliminated)


Round 3

- Team 2 vs Team 3 > Winner advances to final

- Team 1 vs Team 4 / Fun match just for fun on a fun map. (FUN!!!!)


Round 4

- Team 1 vs (Winner of Team 2 vs Team 3)




All items are allowed if you have them unlocked.


Class Limit Structure - Since there are only going to be teams of 5 each team is limited to 1 person per class.


Tie Breaker

All scouts / first to capture the center point on Well or Granary



I am going to have a sign up sheet with me, everyone that would like to play need to report to me to sign them in.

On this sheet i will get your name and a skill level 1-10 and please be honest (if you say you are a 10 and suck, your team is more than likely going to loose). This is for you guys, if you lie/cheat, its simply not going to be ran fair. Again come to have fun and be honest.


i am allowing you to pick 1 friend you would like to play with. You both must come to me at the same time to sign in.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


-2V2, 3 Stock Match, 6 Minutes

-Best two out of three, three out of five for the finals

-Ties will be decided by total number of remaining stock for each team. If that is the same, the winner will be decided by adding together all KOs responsible by each team.

-First stage will be random. If all players request it, first characters will be double blind. After round one, the losing team may choose the stage > one winner chooses character > one loser chooses character > other winner chooses character > other loser chooses character.

-You cannot choose a stage which you have already won on, with two exceptions: 1. If you choose Random Stage, and the selected stage happens to be a stage where you previously won, or 2. If the opposing team agrees to play on that stage again.

-Some stages may be selectable by the losing team only if both members of the winning team agree to it. Other stages may be selectable by the losing team without the winning team's consent. A list of stages in each category will be provided at the LAN.

-Team Damage will be turned on.

-Pause will be disabled.

-No Custom Stages.


Stages set to Random:

Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi's Island (Brawl), Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Corneria, Pokemon Stadium I


Stages selectable by the losing team without the consent of the winning team:

All Random Stages, Delphino Plaza, Luigi's Mansion, Pirate Ship, Halberd, Pokemon Stadium 2, Summit, Castle Siege, Distant Planet, Shadow Moses Island, PictoChat, Hanenbow, Temple, Jungle Japes, Onette, Green Greens, Brinstar


Stages selectable by losing team with the consent of the winning team:

Mushroomy Kingdom, 75m, Rumble Falls, Norfair, Frigate Orpheon, Spear Pillar, Port Town Aero Dive, Flatzone 2, WarioWare, Mario Bros, New Pork City, Yoshi's Island (Melee), Rainbow Cruise, Big Blue, Mario Circuit, Bridge of Eldin, Green Hill Zone


Items (set to low frequency):

Sandbag, Food, Warp Star, Metal Box, Lip's Stick, Ray Gun, Deku Nut, Hot Head, Mr. Saturn, Nanana Peel, Bumper, Spring, Unira, Soccer Ball, Team Heal, Screw Attack


More About Items:

-If all members of both teams agree, items will be switched off.

-If all members of both teams agree, Smash Balls will be switched on.



Supr Mario Kart: Double Dash


-All characters are allowed.

-All karts are allowed (except Parade Kart)

-Player conflicts between character and kart selection will be settled with a rock-paper-scissors match.


-Before the tournament starts, the contestants will be organized into groups of four and, when necessary, three. These groups will race against each other in Round 1. Contestants who come in first or second place will move on to Round 2. Over the course of several rounds, the contestants will be whittled down to the four who go on to the Final Round. The contestants who come in first and second place in the Final Round will be the tournament winner and runner-up, respectivley.

-Ties will be settled with the players' choice of a quick battle match (balloons) or reracing the last track in Mirror Mode.


Round 1: Mushroom Cup

Round 2: Flower Cup

Round 3: Star Cup

Final Round: Special Cup



And as always, excessive smack talking or physical interferance with another player are grounds for immediate disqualification.





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Call of Duty 4:

Game types


Game type - Team Death Match

Time Limit 10 - Minutes

Score Limit – 500

Only 1 Round



Game type - Team Death Match

Time Limit 10 - Minutes

Score Limit – 250

Best 2 out of 3, loser picks map

once a map is used it is removed from the list


Game Rules

Number of Lives – Unlimited

Respawn Delay – None

Max Health – Normal

Health Regeneration – Normal

Allow KillCam – Enabled

Allow Sprint – Enabled

Headshots Only - Disabled

Allow Perks - Enabled

Allow Air Support - Disabled

Old School Mode – Disabled

Hardcore Mode – Disabled

Spectating – Team Only

Wave Spawn Delay – None

Force Respawn – Enabled

Radar Always On - Yes

Friendly Fire - Disabled














50 Kills

Time Limit 15

1 Round



25 Kills

Time Limit 10

Best 2 of 3, loser picks map

Once a map is picked, it is remove from list


Game Rules

Slayer: MLG TS 7 WCU Rules 1

Primary Weapon = Battle Rifle

Secondary Weapon = None

Vehicle Set = No Vehicles

Custom Powerup Traits, Duration = 3 Seconds

Custom Powerup Traits, Damage Resistance = Invulnerable

Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Multiplier = 3X Overshields

Custom Powerup Traits, Shield Recharge Rate = 200%

Custom Powerup Traits, Player Speed = Unchanged

Player Speed = 110%

Shield Recharge Rate = 90%

Damage Modifier = 110%

Motion Tracker Mode = Off

Suicide Penalty = None

Betrayal Penalty = None

Team Changing = Not Allowed

Friendly Fire = Enabled



MLG Construct 7

MLG Narrows 7

MLG The Pit 7

MLG Amplified 7 (a foundry variant)

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