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So, since I haven't seen an actual feedback thread about the LANs since.. oh a year or so ago, I thought I'd go ahead and post one so that anyone can post any suggestions and comments about the LAN.


Please keep it constructive and keep your /b/-tardness attitudes out, you're not funny.


I'll post my comments later.

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I went just to play some TF2 ('specially since some other games weren't in the lineup), and also to catch up with a bunch of the people who were there back when, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


And way to go Shingi, I like the way the TF2 tourney went.


(and since I finally had internet access there, I'll admit, I spent maybe a half hour or so just grabbing achievements)

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I also want to thank Shawnna for that amazingly cool Relay For Life merch. That was really nice of her to do that, especially since she had way more than they needed for Relay for Life.


And I also had a fantastic time, like Kaz-Ka. I did play some Rock Band/GH in the free play area, which was fun.


And I now realize I might need a good PC to play some more recent games, especially since most of those games looked like fun (well, except for L4D, I never was a big horror movie fan, and the mere mention of Blair Witch Project sends chills up the ol' spine).


And from what I heard from my roommate, the WC3 tourney went well, congrats Heero-shin on the well-oiled machine for that tourney.



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-The Relay for Life stuff was amazing, were they an official sponsor for the LAN? If not, it should be looked into for sure.

-Console tournaments appeared to be ran decently well.

-Plenty of drinks and pizza, though the other food/munchies seemed a bit scarce.

-Free play looked decently fun, though it always seems to be.



Honestly, I'm not even going to bother doing a list for this as it would extend too far for people to even bother wanting to read. PC tournaments were put together "decently" well but no one knew what the winning qualifications would be, or how to win the tournament aside from WC3. WC3 seemed to be decently popular but time-consuming, I've often stated that if we were going to include a strategy game into a tournament that it should be ran stream-lined with the other PC tournaments, otherwise it'll make the other tournaments start later and eventually not allow other tournaments to be ran. The L4D tournament was a bit shoddy because finding people were hard to begin with, and then setting up a different server was even worse. The TF2 tournament was going well and pretty fun until we didn't know what the winning qualifications were for the final map. Along with that, there were hardly any people there for the PC tournaments and the Worms tournament didn't even get ran, which is terrible. No CS or CSS tournament? Way to lose about 20+ people that come from out of state and from all over the state anyways. Closing and ending the LAN an hour ahead of schedule so you could leave earlier? Pretty terrible as well.



Back for more:


Advertising seemed pretty poor as well, though I always harp on advertising. There were 0 fliers at Central and I think I saw two fliers on campus in general: one at the LAN and one at Harrill, and I had to look for the one at Harrill. I know advertising has always been a sore spot for the club but someone really needs to step up and put out more information somewhere. We need to cover the campus with fliers and we need to have the banner up, whatever happened to the banner? Did we decide not to put it up? Did someone not contact the UC and ask them if we could put it up? What about advertising in the UC or the new building? No TV advertising on the TVs at either location either? What about outside advertising into The Nexus or at the high school or the community college? Putting a booth up in the UC looked decently good, but sitting there and playing games was doing pretty much nothing but moving the commuter lounge out into the main hall, people sat around and played BlazBlue but didn't actually advertise the LAN unless someone came over and asked about it, in which they would've approached people in the commuter lounge to begin with.

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