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LAN Results (2010.1)

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LAN Results 2010.1



CounterStrike Source

Cancelled due to low attendance.


Warcraft 3

Cancelled due to low attendance.


Left4Dead 2

Cancelled due to low attendance.


Team Fortress 2

Cancelled due to low attendance.





Winner: Kaz-Ka

Runner Up: Alpha


Tekken 6

Winner: CrashdummyX

Runner Up: Alpha


Halo 3

Winners: Exile & Dever

Runners Up: Freezer & Smokrakola


Modern Warfare 2

Winners: Exile, Dark Omen, EZMac, & Lil Chap


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Winner: Devin

Runner Up: ApexP


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Winner: ACC

Runner Up: *edited*smith


Street Fighter 4

Winner: CrashDummyX

Runner Up: *edited*smith




Todd Michael (FreeFlyingTiger)

Sean Dowey (FTE Shake and Break) - Wii CL

JJ (Lakatu) - Historian

Zack Gross (FTE Black_Sun)

Christopher Compfield (H20 Omen) - 360 CL

Kyle Joyce (Arch Angel)

Rachel Berring

Benny Reese (Billdoom)

Stephen Juhlin (FTE Pork Chops)

Ryan Robinson

BJ Wanlund (Pok@Freak!)

Ethan Roland (Squid)

Brett Spadotora (FTE_Fuse)

Andrew Hudson

Ephraim Freed (Dr. Retarded) - Secretary

Michael Sapp (Freezer) - PC VP

Michael Huffman (FTE Kaz-Ka) - President

Brenton Barber (Shingi) - Console VP

Mike Curtis (X)

Alex Berry (The7eyesMask)

Joshua Harris (Jazzy Josh)

Ighor Idehenre

Kyle Ratsch (White Guard)

Allyson Pader (Ally)

Duy Jack (Smokrakola)

Joseph DeLong (Thor)

Hobert Campbell (BuBBlEGUm TAGER)

Anne ellinger (Amazon294)

Nathan Cooley (Nako)

Jordan Brown (jbrosquared)

Aaron Parker (theapexp)

Angwl Mancilla (Cooh)

Devin Latin

Mason (Shiny Guy)

Trevor Lemly (Nebs)

Eric McConnell (Kocksmith)

Daniel Cable (Tallgeese)

Shannon Valk (Shannannonnan)

Mike Mason (Anti-Mike)

Joshua Schwartz (Josrocket) - PS3 CL

Shawn Flannery

Amy Bryant

Richard Hull (Kingman)

Zach Scrogg

Wesley Jarman (Goat)

Stephen Hessering

Garret Gomez (ManlyMoose)

Alpha Diop (Beast Soul Eyes)

Mike Robson

Sheena (Squirrelraper)

Andrew Carter (ACC)

Justin Guy (CrashDummyX)

Lionel Loquias

Renee Morgan

Shawna Hipps (Nalgenie)

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btw I couldn't make it for other reasons ... but we really need to be more thoughtful on the dates of these LANs... Halloween and the day before Valentine's is not going to get people to travel that easily.


If you haven't already set up a date for the next LAN I would recommend doing that ASAP..

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I just realized 5/7 console tournaments were fighters.


PC was criticised for a long time by you guys for going mainly FPS so I feel obligated to say something about it.




Also when are the rest of the tournaments winners, attendance, and pictures going to be posted?

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Attendance is up. There were some questions about the attendance sheet (people not signing, people signing more than once, ext.) so it's likely to be updated soon.


I made it to the semi-finals in BlazBlue. Feelin' pretty good about that. All three tournaments, it took the winner or runner up to beat me. *smarmy*

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Liquid, that is a truly frightening avatar.


Oh, btw: is anybody *edited*ed off that a few peope broght their own arcade pads and used them in the tournaments?

That's why I chose it, heh.


But if anyone has a good argument against arcade pads, I'll hear them out.

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