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Melty Blood Actress Again Character Info

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I will be periodically adding characters to this forum for people to understand how they work as give some insight to their roles in the Story. I'll have pictures as soon as I can.


Tohno Shiki



The main character of Tsukihime series and the persona of the player in the visual novels. He has an honest personality and tries his best not to be a burden to those around him. He has had two major problems since he had an accident when he was child. One is chronic anemia which bothers him since it changes peoples attitudes about him, and the other is the ability to see lines across objects and people. He later found out that if were to cut these lines he would break the object across the line. His mentor Aoko was able to construct glasses that block this ability so he could lead a normal life. After he meets Alcrueid he becomes involved with the Vampires and thus has use his instinctual ability to kill along with his Eyes of Death Perception to survive. In the plot of Melty Blood he is trying to help the Alchemist Sion Eltnam Atalsia overcome her vampiric urges by killing the Dead Apostle who turned her, Tatari.


In Melty Blood AA, Tohno Shiki is the typical balanced close range fighter. He has no projectiles but has several attacks that move him in close to his opponents. Though he doesn't have a lot of high hit number combos like Nanaya Shiki, he does a lot of damage per hit which makes him good for beginners and advanced players alike. His Crescent Moon Style is the most basic to use and probably the one to stick with. His Full Moon style gives him characteristics like Nanaya Shiki such as the multiple knife slice special move. His Half Moon Style is ok but the removal of 100 Heat points and the inability to use his Blood heat in that mode make it a bad choice. Overall an easy character to pick up and play.

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