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I might actually buy the new Zelda game. That's saying a lot lol. Not really digging the graphics dumbdown but TP was a perfect hit on where the franchise needs to be, and everyone at N should remember what happened the last time they kiddie-ized a Zelda game and got inventive with the gameplay. Here's to praying they don't make the same mistake twice.


The DS3 will be cool but alot of people like me won't buy it until a flash cart is developed for it. Hopefully Nintendo will get careless and make things easy like the Wii and DS was. After the DSi, it's not looking too promising. I like watching movies on my phone but *edited* if it's not cooler doing it on a gameboy. "Hey what game you playing?" "None, I'm watching that cool movie that just came out in theaters the other day."

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price drop for existing xbox 360 models is where all the rave is at. I might actually pick one up now. You can get the arcade from walmart for $150 that comes with 2 (crappy) games plus a $50 walmart gift card.

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any info on the ps3 move?

Probably much like the PS3 itself, it'll be over priced, won't work as advertised, and won't have many good games until a year or two after it's released.

The PS3 itself in essence isn't overpriced. You get a Blu-Ray player (normally $130-150) plus a game console ($150) with a 250gb HD and wireless built in ($400 from MS now) as well as an always popular library of games. The 360's equivalent of the 250gb HD and wireless built in will be $400 IIRC. Need I mention that the PSN is completely free compared to Xbox Live? Sure there will be a PSN Plus network for those that want to pay, but otherwise free.


The Move is already priced at $49.99 for the basic controller and $39.99 for the controller that attaches to it, so cheaper than the Kinect. Game that are coming out on launch for the Move will be similar to the library of games that Launched for the Wii, a sports title as well as a few other games. The games being developed for the Move that actually look extremely interesting and a blast to play are games like Killzone 3,Socom 4, and the Sorcery game they demoed during the show.


Kinect though looks like it is A LOT of fun and an absolute blast to play with, but I could see where it could go horribly wrong really quick with the movement speed of people, etc.

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Okay, I’m going to comment by category, because I have a lot to say:


3D Stuff – General

I wasn’t aware that there was a big push to bring 3D to games until about a week ago. Guess I was out of the loop or something. I have mixed feelings about 3D. When it comes to movies, it’s just a stupid gimmick that pops up every couple of decades. I went to see Ice Age 3 last year and they handed out the 3D glasses at the door. There was absolutely no reason why that movie needed to be in 3D. Nothing was added. So basically, 3D movies suck. However, the same isn’t true for 3D games. To the best of my knowledge, the only other time there was a serious attempt to bring 3D to games was the Virtual Boy, which I actually owned. I remember finding the 3D effects very amusing. It was one of the few good things the system had going for it. Somehow, 3D fits in video games much better than in movies. Not sure why. While I’m skeptical that it will ever be a key feature of home consoles, but it has so many fun applications that it’s worth exploring and being enthusiastic about.



The idea of a screen producing 3D graphics without the need for glasses or a special headset is so new, that I have no idea what it would look like. Still, if anyone can make it happen, it’s Nintendo. After all: they made the d-pad. If the 3DS can actually produce convincing 3D images without glasses, I will become very excited and will almost certainly get one. Also, the idea of taking pictures in 3D is very cool.


It makes me think: if a company can create a small screen that produces 3D images without glasses, maybe one day a company can create a large screen that does the same thing. Maybe in the future, no-glasses 3D televisions will be the standard. I know it’s heavy speculation, but how cool would that be?


Playstation 3D

The jury’s out on this one. It’s hard for me to imagine hardcore gamers buying special glasses for games. Then again, they did buy large plastic guitars to play a single game, so maybe I’m wrong about that. The biggest hurtle would be the lack of 3D-ready TVs. Still, it would be cool to play certain games in 3D. If the glasses aren’t too expensive and the saturation of 3D-ready TVs is high enough, it might work.



First off, I don’t mind the name change; I think both names are kind of stupid. Kinect reminds me of poor grammar, and Natal reminds me of the more disgusting elements of the birthing process. I was ready to be unimpressed with Kinect, but was pleasantly surprised. Controlling menus and DVDs by waving your hands looks pretty cool and fun. Admittedly, the Kinect menu looks suspiciously like the Wii’s channel system, but it’s not really all that distracting. However, outside of menus and chat, I can’t see this being used for anything but the most casual of games.


Playstation Move

It’s basically Wii with better graphics and no Nintendo franchises. I just can’t imagine casual gamers (and really, they’re the only people who want this thing) buying a PS3. Admitedly, Sorcery looks pretty fun.


Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I like the increased emphasis on motion-sensitive controls. The ways the Wii-mote was being used during the press conference were surprisingly clever and fun-looking. Though honestly, even if the game controlled in the exact same manner as Twilight Princess, I’d still be satisfied, because that game had such fun controls. I see that they’re going back to a more colorful art-style. That’s good. I liked the dark art-style of Twilight Princess, but I also enjoy the more whimsical, fantasy style that is used in most Zelda games. The series is flexible enough that many different art-styles fit.


In summary: Shigeru Miyamoto is the only man I would go *edited* for.


Metroid: Other M

The Metroid series has never really had much in the way of plot or character development, because it did not need them. Metorid is more about atmosphere, something it has always done better than just about any other series. Still, I always wanted to see a Metroid game that included plot and character development. Fusion tried it, but not a whole lot and wasn’t all that effective. Other M looks to be the first title to aggressively include those two elements. I am very curious to see if they do it well. If it does, then it will fulfill a long-time dream and would be truly satisfying. However, I know it is very easy to mess up, so there is kind of a gamble involved. Something else that has me a little concerned is the fact that Team Ninja is developing the game. They are responsible for the Dead or Alive series, which features a lot of heavily over-sexualized female characters. I would hate to see them depict Samus as some nymph bouncing around the screen.


I’m trying not to form any big opinions on the game itself until I experience the final product. However, I will say that I like how they are including more traditional side-scrolling elements of gameplay and the concept of switching between first and third person views is very interesting. From what I’ve seen, the game’s visuals are lovely.



My big questions are: What differentiates this game from all the James Bond games that have tried to live up to the original GoldenEye and failed? What does this game do to justify the GoldenEye label?


Kid Icarus: Uprising

So, the new Kid Icarus game I’ve heard rumors about for years is real and it’s going to be the killer app for the 3DS? Interesting. The second I heard that Pit was going to be in Brawl, I knew it was only a matter of time before he got a new game. It makes me wonder if the decision to include him in Brawl was based primarily upon retro fan-service or reviving a dormant franchise. I have a similar theory about Marth and Roy in Melee. Anyway, it’s highly likely I’ll get this game. It’s kind of strange to think that everyone is so excited about a new Kid Icarus game, despite the fact that there have only been two other games in the series (only one of which has a good reputation). One other thing: doesn’t Palutena have a remarkably soothing voice?


Donkey Kong Country Returns

Man, how many old side-scrolling franchises have been revitalized lately? The visuals in this one look good. I just hope the gameplay lives up to the original games in the series. I also hope it’s closer in content to DKC1 than 3.


Gears of War 3, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Rayman Origins, Portal 2, & Epic Mickey

Imma play that *edited*.



The way the Ubisoft press conference ended was just weird. Out of nowhere, there was a lengthy Michael Jackson-inspired dance number, after which the conferences quickly ended. Maybe it was because I didn’t hear the announcement of the Michael Jackson game, but the whole spectacle seemed really out of place.


I also realized something very strange during the Microsoft press conference. Picture this: there is a Gears demo, where monsters are being sawed apart. Thirty minutes later, a cute little girl is playing with her virtual tiger. Did anyone else find this strange?


During the Nintendo press conference, Iwata said something along the lines of “You know, Nintendo created the first 3D games fifteen years ago.” When I heard that I thought, “Is he really bragging that his company created the Virtual Boy?” Pretty weird considering it is universally considered to be a failure and partially responsible for hindering the career of one of the most innovative people Nintendo ever employed.


In Summary

Nintendo ate everyone’s lunch again. Wow, I’m going to need some money soon.

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I see you ignored where I said "until a year or two after it's released". The PS3 was terrible for the first two years, terribly overpriced, terribly overrated, and terribly lacking in epic games.

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When the PS3 was released I'll admit it was terribly overpriced, I didn't buy my PS3 until I could get my hands on an 80GB for ~$300. Along with that the release titles were admittedly pretty bad, though games like Resistance, Killzone, and Uncharted could keep you busy for a while and were some quality titles. If you were fortunate enough, unlike myself, to get a backwards compatible PS3 then you had even more going for you.


When the Move is released I don't see it lacking the games, it will have the games that will compete with the Wii and hopefully games like Killzone 3 and Socom 4 coming out soon enough afterwards. Also, could you imagine playing Portal 2 with the Move? Yes please!


@Ephraim: I like your post generally, except the added bits about the new Zelda. I think Nintendo has gone wayyyyy too overboard with wanting Zelda to incorporate the movement controls of the Wii. Sure the hacking and slashing with the Wii-mote will be fun as well as raising a shield and such, but if you watch the trailer you'll notice that every single puzzle incorporates using the Wii-mote to aim at something, shoot something, and unlock the puzzle. Sure instead of moving an analog stick over to it you have to aim with your hand, but it just seems like they're trying to do too much with the motion controls. The color schemes to seem to be moving more towards that of OOT or MM, coming back from the "dark" that was TP. My jury is still out on the verdict of the new Zelda atm.

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Fascist, you know who else thinks the new Zelda does too much to incorporate motion controls? Osama bin Laden. What do you have against America, Jihad Johnny?


Anyway, I think the motion controls in Skyward Sword look like a lot of fun. Nintendo is trying something new and I'm all for it. If this Zelda game didn't try something new, we'd have a stagnant series.

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Fascist, you know who else thinks the new Zelda does too much to incorporate motion controls? Osama bin Laden. What do you have against America, Jihad Johnny?



+ >9000


That is epic

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Yep, even Red Dead Redemption feels good. Although my votes are MGS, Uncharted 1 & 2 (close 2nd), and then Red Dead Redemption.

Edited by Bitey
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Never really liked MGS, mainly due to the whole 3rd person thing. Played the original on PC and some of Twin Snakes on the Gamecube, neither were terribly exciting compared to other stealth and PC shooters at the time. While the PC and Gamecube had better FP and 3P shooters at the time, the Playstation did not and I think that's why the series has been so successful. Kojima's plot writing was a little excessive as well, and still is.


Then again, I really liked the original Rainbow Six games, the ones that made you actually use stealth, made you take your time, and had realistic damange IE you die in 1 chest hit instead of crouching behind a magically bullet-proof wooden desk for 10 seconds while you auto-heal.

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I hate 3rd party shooters, console or otherwise. I won't even pirate them on PC. I want to be immersed in the combat, not floating around in a camera ship behind my character.


So wait, did you not like any of the Resident Evil's?


Or what about Mario 64, although not technically a shooter, it had that floating camera ship.


Gears of War wasn't bad i thought. The 2nd one lost the nastalgia for me tho. Kinda like the 2nd n 3rd Matrix movies. Speaking of which, some of those Matrix games weren't half bad 3rd person shooters either.

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