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If it's epic good on release I'll get it, otherwise I'll wait until it hits the more reasonable $50.


Blizzard can say what they want, I don't believe for a second that the original Starcraft was $60 on release day.

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Yeah, Gamestop...


I quit giving them business when I pre-ordered Homeworld 2 and they had already sold my copy before I could get to the store at lunchtime on release day.


I sometimes buy used games from them but they shred DVDs to pieces when they "buff" the scratches out. The last Gamecube game I got there was so messed up it wobbled. They're good about taking garbage they sell you back but I've had to be an *edited* several times because they tried to make me take store credit.

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so i'm about 4 hours into the campaign and i must say, VERY nice.


I wasn't expecting much, i mean i liked the first one, and brood war was bad *edited*; figured this would be decent. Haven't tried the multiplayer, but the highlights for the single player:


-Easy to learn if you haven't played sc ever, or were just living under a rock for the last 15 years

-the story is awesome. Refreshes you on any back story, just in case you were lost in the first (i was lol).

-mercenary units are cool, buy elite warriors for cheap

-The game in between missions is awesome. You can talk it up with the different characters to deepen the story and experience.

-You can upgrade units, and buildings at the armory.

-purchase mercenaries at the cantina.

-Research Lab requires you to complete bonus objectives to missions, and the award is class specific advantages towards enemies. (protoss and zerg) Each research level is spread out by 5's, the more bonuses you unlock the higher your meter goes up. Kinda sucks, at each level you can only choose 1 of 2 different advantages. example being level 1 zerg research bonus: requires 5 pts, choose 1: automatic turrent on bunker or 150 hp to bunker

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I got it. It's pretty choppy on my machine though.

How fast is your computer?


I think for the graphics it has it scales down pretty well. I've been playing it on my old laptop while out of town and it's been playing surprisingly well for a P4 with 2GB and an ATI x600. The killer for this game is the GPU which means most laptops without a discrete graphics (Intel GMA) probably won't be able to touch it.


I'm definately sensing some LAN potential here. It seems to have a slightly slower pace than the original but isn't horribly imbalanced like WC3 was.

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It doesn't have the LAN option and it's causing some major backlash b/c that was a critical feature that made the original such a popular multiplayer game.


We can still play across bnet, my understanding is that consoles have done similar before.

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The ending feels rushed.


agreed. a real let down. too predictable. makes me wonder though, what will the next two installments be about? What have they done with Karrigans roll in the story. Totally butchered it. I was under the impression after BW that carrigan was going to be this unstoppable epic villain/hero. Yet she's cured in the first act before i even get to reek havoc with her! It's stupid how they just patched up a *edited*ty *edited* ending/story, we waited 12 years for that? at least give us a 30 second teaser after the creds.


although i absolutely hate cliff hangers, i would have liked to have experienced that at the end of this game. but whatev.

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