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Are PC Gamers too good for console players?

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Yea I was suspended from XBL for a month for using an XFPS to convert a USB keyboard and mouse to 360 compatible. It adjusted sensitivity too. Only weird part was every time I ran by somebody, the autoaim (in MW2) would kind of slowly yank over to whoever was there.


Seriously though, there are certain games that just play better on PC's, and certain ones that play better on consoles.


Fighting games is tailored more for controllers, where as first person (or even third person) shooters are better on PC's, because of the precision. I even prefer GTA games on the PC (yes, even IV), because the console versions were worse than the most terribly optimized PC game ever...the graphics are sharper too. Plus, mods.


Put me against the best MW2 (OR ANY FPS) player on consoles, whether that be SeaNanners or whoever the hell, and I'll kick their *edited* with my keyboard and mouse.

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