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I was wondering if we could set up a KZ server on the box. I was playing on a server in *edited* Germany today where 4 other guys from the US all said they were tired of playing on servers outside the US and would cherish playing on one on the east coast. I added them to friends and would be happy to help direct people to it in hopes of getting it populated.



I know there are a dozen things that go into a kz server from the prokreedz plugin, weird stats, as well as +hook and other random things. I would be happy to search and get them for you guys so all that would be needed to be done is to install and run it.



The usual number of slots on one of these servers is 10-12 so I cannot imagine it taking up the resources that other servers take. Let me know what you guys think.

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Main Plugins:



Only thing I do not like about this plugin is the jetpack ability which can lag other players out. Guess you can just turn it off.


Silent Healer:






Spawn Manager:



I've been looking for a how-to guide online. All I've found so far is how to set it up for a lan server, otherwise I imagine it's pretty similar to any other plugin. I imagine this will will be a learning process. Could always try to ask the germans.

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I like KZ servers!

Let me look over that material and see all the mods needed and ill see if we can get something set up.

We have the server space for sure..




I can also sort out a map list if you want. I'm not sure if those plugins have the votemap plugin as well so that may need to be found as well.


Let me know what you need.

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Sure! A map list would be great! you know the maps people want better than i do.

thanks man!

Well I will get you one sometime tonight during football. Do you want links to maps or zipped up in a massive file?

zipped is fine. You can email it to me @ adamjosey@carolina.rr.com

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Well, this is proving more difficult than I expected. 1st off fpsbanana doesn't host all the kz maps they once did, or rather they are in a restricted area, so I downloaded the main ones off the kreedz mod website (which surprisingly is updated monthly) and I notice that each file has a .bsp, a .nav, as well as a dozen files that go in "materials".



I'm going to play the top rated out of the 350 I've found and send just those for now. I wish my fujitsu still worked because I have a maps file that is around 6gb with awesome maps oh it.


I may just use a file uploader and coordinate with adam so he can download it while the link works lol.

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These are the "official" maps made by the kzmod team.


I would not upload the bhop maps unless we plan to have a separate bhop server. Servers that try to do both usually fail hard because bhoppers tend to leave when a jump map comes up and kzers leave when a bhop map comes up.


We could also put a bhop server up, but I can guarantee I wouldn't play on it.


We definitely need to make sure stats work properly on this server as it is the ONLY reason these servers stay alive.






Then there is this monstrosity. I'm going to spend about an hour a night for bout a week to test out the higher rated maps in this list. I can't imagine us needing any more than a dozen maps for the votemap to draw from starting off. We can always add more later.

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