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Melee and Mario Kart 64 rules

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Mario Kart 64:


- 1v1, 2/3 races


- All characters may be played, including unlockable characters.


-150cc difficulty setting


-Courses will be chosen by random selection from the Star, Mushroom, and Flower Cups. Finals will be played on the Special Cup


- No course can be chosen twice in a row.



Super Smash Bros Melee:


- 1v1


- All characters allowed


- No Items


- The random select is comprised of neutral stages:


* Yoshi's Story

* Fountain of Dreams

* Battlefield

* Dream Land (N64)

* Final Destination


- Counter Pick Stages are:


* Pokemon Stadium

* Brinstar

* Kongo Jungle (N64)

* Rainbow Cruise

* Corneria

* Kongo Jungle

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If you want I can just explain all the rules for melee (like how banning and counterpicks work) before we start. Just make sure everyone participating gathers around the smash stations before we start and I'll run through it. Also, it would be a good idea to print a copy or two of the stage list and leave them at the stations, considering in the past the most asked question is always "is this stage legal"?

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Super Smash Bros Melee:


- 1v1


- All characters allowed


- No Items

Yeah I see how it is. Now that I'm not there you go 1v1...


I see what you did there...




We are going to try to do a teams tournament too lol



why do we even have a lan section? everyone just post there stuff all over, oh well



These console sections of the forums have been dead for quite some time. Just sayn

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It's all good. I've been wanting a 1v1 tournament for a loooooooong time and never got one :(

*edited* really? Could have sworn we did. Idk though

You might have, I just don't remember there being one in years.


Anywho, do it again in December :)

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