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WoW Characters for "sale"

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As a lot of people do I'm done playing WoW and wanted to see if anyone would want to buy the account from me.


-Clean account, never been hacked or stolen, never bought gold/items.

-Characters are on Scilla-US server.


First Character is my original




Currently specc'd into shadow-PVE and disc-PVP

-PVE healing gear is 5.9k gs

-PVE shadow gear is 5.7k gs

-PVP gs is around 5.4k gs

-25m Kingslayer

-Epic Flying with Glory to the Hero, Red Oynx Drake

Any other questions about him just ask


Second 80 Character




Currently specc'd into Frost DW-PVE and Blood tanking-PVE

-Both sets of PVE gear are around 5.1k gs

-Regular cold flying, not epic


Account also has various other characters including a

51 Warlock-Schop


29? Twinked hunter

mid 20s Warrior

heirloomed rogue

and a couple other lowbies


Most of the lower characters have heirloom gear too.


Any questions just PM or reply, I don't have an asking price just offer something reasonable.....(The game with expansions is like $60, so be smart :))





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