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Dawn of War 1 and 2


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(Pardon the spelling errors here)


Does anyone here play it at all? Any of the games?


Well, if you dont, heres what your missing. I've played most of the games, with the excaptions of DoW Soulstorm, and DoW 2 Chaos Rising.


Dawn of War and Dawn of war 2 are both RTS games with a veriaty of races and play styles. Dawn of War 1 is your basic build up your base and go smash the other guys, gather resources etc, however the way you gather resources is unique in of itself. For one, you dont harvest gas or chop wood or anything like that. In order to gain the games primary funds, requisition, you need to capture strategic points on the map. In order to gain power, something nessisary for more wargear, upgrades and vehicals, you need to build power generators. This greatly simplifies Resource management in a way thats understandable to players, and allows for more strategic movements of units and structures then to just massive clusters of Resources on the map.


Each race in DoW has unique units and has a different play style attached to it. The races you can chose are:


Space Marines: A very adaptable race that can adjust its wargear and units to match the situation at hand.


Eldar: A very fast, but fragile race that can move troops in a blink of an eye between two structures known as webway gates


Orks: A close combat race who's sole stratagy is to make up a bunch of units, and mob the enemy with pure numbers and muscle.


Imperial guard: Pretty much the same as above, but have far better vehicals and are more ranged baced.


Chaos: Picture Space Marines, then picture space marines if they were filled with the powers of hell itself. These guys use numbers and powerful units to trample over most weak races. However, they are less flexable then space marines.


Tau: A powerful ranged based race that can shoot down entire hoards of enemies before they even get close to you


Necrons: A Requisition-less race that only uses power and can summon the power of death itself! (Picture robot zombies and you have the necrons)


Sisters of Battle*


Dark Eldar*


*i havent actually played soulstorm, where these races are used, so i have no experience with them ^^;


on top of that, the multilayer for Dawn of War is solid, allowing up to 8 people to Kill, mane, and burn all their friends and even people online.


Dawn of War 2 is also a RTS, but is a very different and unique game. For one, there is no base building what so ever. you start out with one base, and you have to kill your opponents base. There are still requisition points, but aquireing power has been swapped out to gaining power points on the map, and then building generators to increace its output. All these points are extremely valuable, and defences cant be build on top of them. Instead you have to formulate more of a stratagy to out think your opponent, rather then just swarm him with units.


Speaking of units, there are fewer of them in this game, but are much more valuable to the player, as gaining requisition is more difficult and specialising them with more powerups and abilitys to match the situation is required to obtain victory. On top of that, you are only allowed 1 commander unit, which vary between classes. Speaking of, you still have space marines, Orks (WAAAGH!), and eldar, but the new addition here are the swarming Teranids (SP), a insect race that wish to consume the galexy to expand there sick hive fleets.


Finally the game uses cover and terain in a way that no other game can. Units can duck behind cover, or get in buildings to have a strategic advantage against opponents.


Overall, if your looking for a solid RTS experience, go with DoW 1. If your looking for something new and refreshing, go with Dow2 and its expansion, Chaos rising. If you have a lower end PC that still runs XP and you havent thrown thousands of dollers into a desktop that can play Starcraft 2 and best quality, then get DoW 1 because it works fantasize on those types of computers.


Both games and their expatiation are on steam, with DoW and its expansions usually around 20 dollars

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