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I miss volley on my hunter. You used to get disengage early, but now you get it at 76, which is annoying cuz I use it a lot in PvP. I'm not liking the new resto shammy tree as much. I don't get my mana spring and stoneskin totems till 42 and 48, respectively. I just started him about a week ago and I'm lvl 41, so this isn't too bad. At this point, I'm regenerating mana quick enough that it's not a big deal. I remember when I first able to queue for dungeons, though, I ran out of mana fairly quickly and I couldn't wait until I hit 26 to get mana spring.


My disc priest is pretty okay. I haven't tried him out after respecing, but PW: Barrier looks pretty neat.


I didn't get to do many instances (and I keep getting disconnected during BGs), but so far, it looks like things got too easy. Not a whole lot of healing going on.

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I miss Wow, had a lot of fun times playing that game. I quit after AQ first opened, my guild imploded and I was left PvPing all day. Got kind of old.


BTW tora what's your /played?


I went 87 days /played before i decided to quit Wow for good. Just wondering, not saying you play alot or anything, just that time flies on that game.

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