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What do YOU want at the December LAN?

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TF2 and L4D2 are a must. Either CS/CSS, CoD4, or DoDS would be nice. Idk why Nickname listed DoDS, he must be banking on me not coming B) Regardless of the games, please make sure the dedicated servers are ready this time. Liam and me will gladly answer any questions on this. Sadly, a few months back they implemented code that makes L4D2 match servers possible so that should be utilized as well. I say sadly because it's abused WAY too often :(


For consoles: Halo, Mario Kart, and Brawl with a side of either CoD6 or MoH. Idk how successful it was but I'd almost be tempted to make the drive for just 1v1 Brawl :)

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