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Except that unlike Sony, the passwords that were stolen are salted which renders rainbow tables useless and ensures they can't be cracked en mass. They've said they don't believe the hackers got the salts either and if that's the case the passwords will very likely never be cracked.


Also unlike Sony, Steamguard flat out prevents account theft so even if someone got your password they wouldn't be able to log into your account.

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Newtard: Hey let's upgrade from Cryengine2 to Cryengine3. It's super easy. Let me on the dev team and I'll do it for you guys.

Dev #1: For that to happen we'd need a second dev team to do it in conjunction with regular mod updates.

Newtard: No, it's super easy. If I need some help I can recruit some coders I know. Dev#2 said the mod can't grow until you upgrade.

Dev #2: Don't put words in my mouth.

Newtard: All you have to do is import the Crysis textures into the Crysis2 SDK and rebuild the mod.

Dev #3: Except the SDK license doesn't allow that.

Me: I'm pretty sure when the devs upgrade engines they want it done right. It sounds like you want to jackleg the work and that's not how these guys operate.



Tard #1: I really think this Crysis mod should have double-tap support to prevent accidentally leaving vehicles.

Me: I don't know of any games that have native support for that.

Tard #2: Crysis does.

Me: Really? I'm pretty sure if Crysis did we wouldn't be having this discussion.



I really need to stop posting on that message board, everytime I do I feel my IQ slip a bit.

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I'm not working on it directly but I'm on the admin team for the longest-running mechwarrior league and the advisory board of both leagues for the MWLL Crysis mod.


No one really knows how the new mech game will turn out. I'm not overly optimistic. If they cut support for traditional leagueplay, as they've hinted at, it's going to end very badly.

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