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Now im not one to rage, never have been....but im going to.



Ok so, the internet last year was freaking amazing. No lag. Full speed. No Bumps. After we got the new IT manager guy, the internet has been slowed to a crawl. This is the second time that I have had problems with ports being filtered or closed on the school's internet this year. First is was on the PC, now on the PS3. I know that the school doesn't sanction gaming but dang, this blows. I used to be able to play anyone of my games on my PC or PS3 with no problems. Now any game i play on PC, SC2, CoDMW2, BO, anything lags the hell out and skips. I'm running a 2.8 quad with gts 450 gfx card, no reason i should lag. WHATSOEVER. FML. now i cant even play PS3 after giving up on the lag on pc and i want to drop kick the guy in the face for what he's doing. I even have problems SKYPING!? WDFFF.



If there is any hope of "Good internet" again, if there is such a thing, please let me know whose....well i'lll keep it PG.



I've been having an error code when I try and connect to the playstation network by using the ethernet.


The error code is 80028E05(server connection timed out). I googled and scanned psn forums and a lot of people are experiencing this problem after an update a little while ago with no solution and the only solution tech support says that the college needs to unblock ports.


Anyone having this problem too?




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If there is any hope of "Good internet" again

No. They spent alot of money on their new filter and they're not removing it unless the chancellor himself complains, which he won't b/c he doesn't use WCU's internet. You can try complaining to ITS but they aren't going to help, they still think the filter only touches packets on port 80. I don't think they googled what was in a packet header before they bought it <_>


They may try to sell this problem as being with their packet shaper but if SC2 is still laggy then no, that's not the case. We had SC2 ports cleared through it a few months back and from all accounts it didn't help enough to matter.


If you know what ports PSN uses you can try to get them cleared but that's the route they went with SC2 and the other laggy games and we all know how well that worked out.

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/transfer (lol j/k)



Thanks again P,


port 80 is smtp correct? cuz if it only filtered port 80 then that shouldnt have any affect on the common gaming ports. It's choking the upload rate especially on the system, download is still ok, but its the upload that kills the games imo. once again I'll see who i can *edited* off in IT and get *edited* done.

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