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Internet censorship

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As quoted in the article, the law would not meet the narrowly tailored requirement needed to supress a first amendment form of free speech as it leaves the speech being supressed open to the interpretation of others.


It would easily be decared unconstitutional.


It's interesting though just how quiet this is being kept. None of the major news outlets are talking about it. It'd be interesting to see them try to censur the US, Anonymous would have a field day with government servers.

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-This post has been censored by fascist forum moderators-


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har har

I am the moderator!

So you are now plural?


That's an interesting turn of events but it does explain a few things :)

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I have 3 seperate personalities, don't you know?


Describe all three and win a fabulous prize!

Dummy, Dopey, and Anonymous.


Back to the topic, I'm still surprised that none of the major news outlets have picked this up. Does Obama et al. really think they can sneak something like this through?


Also something to keep an eye on, a new Department of Homeland Security bill is sneaking through congress that would place technology infrastructure giants under the control of DHS. Microsoft, Apple, Google, AT&T, Verizon, and Cisco would have to base their software, hardware, and security technology around the demands of DHS. There are very few things in life that scare me, silent takeovers like this is one of them.

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