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So this is the second time the Big 12 south first place was a 3 way tie. According to the big12, if there is a tie, it goes to bcs rankings. First off, i think it's ridiculous that the two teams competing in the big 12 championships, Nebraska and Oklahoma, were both beaten by the same team, Texas A&M. Secondly, why arguably the hottest team in the country (texas a&m), would go down in rank? Does winning 6 in a row not count for anything? It's not all BCS's fault i guess, if the big12 would not have that stupid *edited* rule, and use a point system, a&m would be way ahead in points over OU and OSU, and therefore go on ahead.


I guess since we beat both teams in the big 12 championship, we are like Grand champs or something. yay. *edited* you bcs, *edited* you big12, and *edited* you san diego.

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The skill might be better in pro.. but college still means more. I like college because more than likely a starting player will stay with the same team until they graduate or go pro. It is stupid to be that loyal in pro.. which is why it sucks.

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