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The PC Vice President refuses to do his job. The President refuses to make him do his job. Both of them refuse to visit the forums because people who complain about their performance are "being too mean". As such, bringing attention to any problems with the servers on the forums will not reach the attention of the executives. The destruction of the online community through executive incompetence is one of the most disastrous things I have ever seen happen to this club. Most of the regulars (Major, the Pink Monkies, YouWinGameOver, Torankusu, ext.) have just stopped posting and one of the original intentions of the club (raising awareness of the school's existence through the internet) has been abandoned.

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Sorry. :( I'lll hop on, but my ping's gonna suck. I moved to Las Vegas. :[ That might change in the near future as my boyfriend is looking for another job, but he's looking on both coasts, so it might not be a change that's beneficial for pwning nubs.


It makes me sad that the forums and server aren't as busy as they used to be. ._.

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