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WTF? I miss my homies from the brotherhood

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Ok what has happened?... The new age gaming has been taken over just like obama has taken over the united states. No body plays CS:S anymore ITS JANUARY PRIME GAMING MONTH!!!!!!! Its cold outside and everyone is either on the computer looking at bad pictures or looking at somebody on facebook hoping they can hollla. LET FIX the servers and have happy fun time. Miss you all even Chanz (thats bad) come on and lets play something anything....

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Well I have a new apartment, and finally internet.. however I don't have a place to sit and play. All I have is my futon (trying to buy a bed later today wish me luck).


Plus my gf is in town until monday so I'm not going to get anything done..



I'll try to get the server up soon .. or request the help of a special amazing server fixer (Liam) if I can't get it running myself.


EDIT: I think I still have permissions?

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