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Sony Being Sued

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Class action lawsuit against Sony for removing OtherOS. Being charged for the same thing they charged geohot for lol.




I don't know if this will amount to anything, but they have a point. I'm sure that Sony's legal team will have a lot more resources than whoever is suing them (or at least I would think so). This is so funny to watch.

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I can't stress enough how glad I am that I didn't buy a PS3 and at this point I'll never buy or recommend another Sony product. Their views of warranties and customer expectations are appalling. I've never seen a for-profit corporate-entity make arguments like those.


How are they still in business with a mentality like that?

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Edit: I do agree that their views on warranties are horrid and skewed .. BUT


Every company does this.. Don't fail to see that these are the actions of lawyers and their actions are only to prevent Sony from having problems. They only represent Sony's best interest as a business. I personally don't blame Sony for how they are defending themselves legally, BUT I do get very angry when I think about all the consoles that they banned.


This will set a precedent for a number of things including if a console is your personal property (common sense), what a warranty really means, etc. Sony might find that they are currently shooting themselves in the foot.


A lot of important things are happening.. and in the meantime I can just play games on the PS3.. yeah, it's still good for that. I'm still happy with my purchase. Even if I can't run linux on my ps3.. I can still play cool games.

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True enough but a MAJOR selling point early on was its linux OS functionality. Whenever a consumer has to choose between losing some features to continue using others, the mistake was made long ago when picking what to buy.

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I guess we'll never know..


BTW Sony sent a DMCA to a ps3 custom firmware news site... Go Daddy actually shut them down. All they do is blog about what's going on..


They are no longer hosted by Go Daddy and you can read about it at their site which is back up:


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