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Sony continues to fight dirty

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Yes, it's really bs because Sony is granted access to the ips of the people who visited and downloaded the content off his site and of people who watched the youtube video.




The reason they claimed they wanted the info was to argue that this hack was directed at people in California.. so they can justify having the trial in California.




This is ridiculous. There is no reason for sony to have access to that information. If anyone should have it, it should be an independent auditor who would verify location ONLY. The fact that a judge would be so dense as to allow this makes it ten times as bad.

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Sony & Geohot settled out of court....


As long as he doesn't hack any mo' ps3s


I guess I don't blame the guy.. it is a way out.. but *edited* I wish he had more ballz to stick it out.

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Balls has nothing to do with it. Lawyers cost monies. Lots of monies. Monies that he probably doesn't have.


He's done his part for the PS3 community and his work/findings/research have been published to torrent where people like me will keep it available for years to come. Someone else will pick up where he left of.

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