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Meeting Minutes March 17, 2011

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Sawyer Lawler

Harom Azizi

Joseph Delong (Thor)

Sean Dowry (The Friendly Martian)

Felix Daniels (Felix)

Hobert Campbell (Heeroshin)

Micheal Hicks (Hadoken)

Adam Corey (Super Jew)

Mike Smith (Human Shield)

BJ Wanlurd (Yoshicus86)

Matthew Wiard (Waffle)

Dustin Faulker

Mike Sapp (Frezzer)

Alex Berry (The7eyesmask)

Anthony Vitanza (Catamount14)

Austin Imblew (xGOTmyWings)

Matt Scott (tmanscott11)

Micheal Coddington (Happenedbarrel19)

Kenyatta Fortune (Uzamaki1234)

Anne Dellinger

Amanda McNally

Micheal Huffman (Kaz-Ka)


Attached are the meeting minutes. If needed they will be posted in forum style however, still getting used to using Board style functions.

Meeting 03-17-11.docx

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