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I've been playing GT5 for a while now (it being my first of the GT series.. I know late to the party) and it's really awesome. So much better quality than any other NFS game I've ever played. Of course there is no story to it.. but there is enough to do for probably hundreds of hours of playing.


Over 1000 cars.. with I think about 1-200 premium cars which actually have the insides modeled as well (dash, inner view, etc).


A-Spec mode where you race the races..


B-Spec mode is kinda a joke if you level up your racer enough.. but it was meant to coach your own set of racers to win.. you have opions like pace down, maintain pace, pace up, pit.. etc


B-Spec Remote racing is kinda cool... you can host a server on your PS3 to host races and race your friends B-Spec drivers.. I currently use this to grind money to buy new cars.


I'm a good way through A-Spec but I still have a lot to do.. there are a number of races > 100 laps in the final groups of races which I am not looking forward to completing.. I did finish the Indy 500 which was of course 500 miles and 200 laps.. took over 2 hours, but it was going around in a relative circle so I devised a way to hold down the accelerator and steer with my left hand and drink beer with my right...


I was sufficiently buzzed/drunk afterwards.. Kinda a sad Thursday afternoon.. but I had nothing better to do.

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unless he wants to met me on 485 and I'll race him there

I'm game if Lemm is. We could also get about a dozen other alum and make a game out of it. Last one not pulled over wins. Dice will most likely get pulled over first so he may not even show up :D

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