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Wii Bowling - Joseph DeLong (Thor)


Halo: Reach - Team Limitless

Kenyatta Fortune (Uzumaki 1234)

Matthew Wiard (Waffle)

Josh Shank (Fr Audacity)

Casey Scarbro (God is Exile)


Golden Eye - Mike Smith(Human Shield)


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Justin Guy (CrashdummyX)


CoD: Black Ops - Team Like-A-Boss

Christopher Campfield (Death Omen)

Matthew Wiard (Waffle)

Matt McChargue (thtsMR22u89)

Scott Burr (RUNN1N6 NOOBY)


Worm 2: Armagedon - Gomez


League of Legends - Team 12% LifeSteal

Rogen Gardner (Ragrith Zwain)

JaVaron Washington (YoJayWatsUrName)

Vincent Aponte (Xanatos3317)

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