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Thinking of Selling TF2 Hats

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Thinking of selling my TF2 hats / Items


Complete Vintage Hat Collection (I'm pretty sure I have all of them)

Complete Vintage Weapon Collection (apparently missing some Christmas vintage weapons? -- Did they make more vintage weapons?)

Original Sam & Max Set (~$100 from what I'm told)

Soldier Medal (?)

Halloween Axe (Level 96) (worthless I guess... sad.. it was a pain in the *edited* to get)


I don't play tf2 anymore and I'm sure I can get a decent amount if people are still buying /selling. Anyone still into TF2 hats etc and know if there is a market?




PS. Here is my loadout http://www.tf2items.com/id/lemmage

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I would be interested in the luger and max head.


Alright if / when I put them up for sale I'll tell you. I think I will soon, but I've gotta work out a way to get the money without paypal taking a percentage.. don't think i'm going to be able to get around it.

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Transfer the money as a personal gift. I've both sent and received transfers using that and they didn't take anything out of it.


Well from what I've heard it matters how the other person sends the money. If they send it by credit card through paypal then that's when they take a percentage and force me to upgrade to another account.


Do you know how the other people paid? (eCheck or Credit Card)

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I sent a payment the other day to a canadian using a checking acct. Idk how Dustin sent the money to me, it might have been checking/savings as well.


You might want to do like I do and keep a spare checking acct tied to your paypal, one that has drafting disabled.

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