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2011.1 PC Tournament Rules

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This is the Official PC Tournament Rules thread.


The games for PC are:

-League of Legends

-Team Fortress 2

-Starcraft 2



If enough people want the rules for a game tweaked or changed completely then they will be reworked to fit the community's desires.

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-League of Legends

Teams of 5


-I will start a thread here in the LAN section for people to list LoL teams for this LAN.


Summoner's Rift

-It's the only 5's map


All runes allowed

-Enough time has passed that just about everyone has heard about LoL so all runes will be allowed


All masteries allowed

-Even easier to get than runes since you only have to level


Champion Bans

-I will need input on this from the community.

-If we can not decide on a good number of bans (0,1,2) then we will go with 1.


-Team Fortress 2

Teams of 6

-This is the normal size of teams in official tournament play

-Teams should also be pre-made before the LAN


Best of 5

-Teams will fight until one team has 3 wins


Map Type to be determined

-Teams will initially agree upon a map type to play for their fights and a neutral party will decided on the specific map to be played.

-Map and Map Type can be changed from round to round by the looser's choice.

-Multiple rounds can be fought on the same map if the teams agree to do so.


Class selection


-Classes can be changed mid game if players wish to do so.

-1st offense: Warning

-2nd offense: Loss

-Offenses reset from round to round


-Starcraft 2

I personally dislike competitive Starcraft, there is too much micro-management for it to be fun for me.

I will delegate the responsibility to someone of my choosing.



I do not have the original halo and will delegate responsibility to someone with more experience.

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Consoles already have their rulesets posted :)


Not offering any assistance in forming teams at the LAN is a huge mistake. When they sign in at the front desk they should be asked if they're on a team or if they need to be matched up with one. This takes 5 minutes at most and shouldn't be a problem. Leaving players on their own is going to be a major problem with TF2, you can't hope to cash in on the freeness of the game if new players aren't allowed to play it because they're new.


For Halo I recommend a format similar to current-day CEVO. There were very few tournaments back when it was popular but if you need help creating a ruleset I can give some pointers, I played the game religiously for a number of years. You need to decide if you want to go CTF with 5 man teams or team slayer with 2-4 man teams. I would recommend CTF with minimal vehicles due to the level of team coordination required but that's just me.


Also, at the last 2 LANs you've had dedicated servers running for TF2 and didn't use them. If I put the dedicated servers up again, will you use them?

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I think the last times those servers were up it caused problems with the other games even though I set them up under someone's guidance.

If you can get them working properly that would be great.


As for halo, I'm asking around for someone who will act as the leader for that game in my stead, not just pick out the rules.

So while I would be fine with using your suggested rule set or listening to tips you have, I would like to find someone on campus who is an experienced halo player and see what they have to say.

I will definitely direct them to you for consultation once I find someone.


TF2 and LoL are going to have pre-made teams to AVOID problems at the LAN, as there have been in LANs past.

I am not against making teams at the LAN for people who walk in, but if they don't have a committed team together when I say it is time to start the tournament, they are out of luck, that's all.


As for the other thread, that was moved here after I had posted earlier today.

This section was empty just a couple of hours ago.

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Yeah I didn't even know this section existed and when that thread was made a few days ago it didn't exist. I moved it here for convenience and will rename both threads per your request.


You definately need someone on campus to be the official point of contact for Halo, I was simply offering to help. The fact that it won a vote is shocking to me, I'm tempted to drive to the LAN just for it. Been a long time since I've raped face in it :)


Definately get where you're coming from on TF2, my point is simply that there needs to be a basic system in place to help people form teams at the LAN. Once it's time to start then yeah they should already be formed and ready to go. My suggestion is to call everyone up who's interested in playing the games, explain how to connect to the servers, etc, and then ask people who aren't in teams to hang around and form them. Just knowing who else doesn't have partners goes a long way in moving forward the process of forming teams out of complete strangers.


For 2011.1 I redid the entire LAN infrastructure and wrote a set of rcon configs from scratch. None of the servers conflict and admin instructions are available here. The servers are running multi-instancing so you can create additional servers with identical configs on the fly.

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Thanks, and honestly I'm sick of the drama in the club. I know I partook of it once and I feel really bad about it.

I rather just be a neutral entity and act more as a moderator between alumni and current members and focus more on being a good PC VP.

I honestly would like for you to come to the LAN and have fun with us even if others may not enjoy your presence there.

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