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CS:S Weapon Accuracy Changes

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Pretty significant update I'd say.


Source: http://store.steampowered.com/news/6279/


Cumulative weapon updates

All weapons now have a new accuracy model which fixes many bugs and provides more intuitive weapon behavior

Weapons now have separate accuracy penalties for jumping, landing, and standing on ladders

All weapons are now more accurate while crouching

Accuracy penalties for movement no longer have a discrete threshold, but scale between crouch move and run speed

All rifles are less accurate while running

Fixed bug that caused the glock to fire burst rounds on three consecutive tick frames. It now fires burst rounds with a 0.05 cycle time

Fixed a bug that cause the famas to fire burst rounds on uneven intervals (0.1 and 0.05). It now fires burst rounds with a fixed interval of 0.075.

Fixed bug for the bolt action sniper rifles that caused their zoom state to incorrectly toggle when holding down fire.

Fixed bug that would cause the suppressor state on the USP and M4A1 to not be accounted for correctly when the weapons were dropped with the suppressor attached and then picked up.

Fixed fast suppressor switch exploit

Decreased range of shotguns, while slightly increasing damage

Slightly increased damage of m249

Sniper rifles now zoom faster

AWP fire animation changed to match 1.5 second cycle time

Fixed burst fire prediction of FAMAS

Fixed animation issue with elite dry fire

Fixed timing of sounds on Glock burst fire

Weapon spread patterns are no longer square

Dynamic crosshair now uses actual weapon accuracy, rather than a separate simulation

Increased run speed for Galil and FAMAS

Increased FAMAS accuracy and reduced spread for burst mode

Increased accuracy of silenced USP

Increased accuracy of zoomed sg552

Cycle time for dual elites increased to .12 second

Fixed firing of "stale" burst mode bullets on glock and famas

Fixed reload animation issue with shotguns under high latency

Fixed bug which allowed a CT to defuse the bomb in the same frame that it exploded

Pistols no longer continuously spam weapon_fire event when the +attack key is pressed. This has the side effect of no longer allowing the glock to continuously auto-fire in burst mode).

Weapons no longer continuous cycle the weapon_reload event when the reload key is pressed

Weapons no longer continuously cycle the empty fire event (and click) when out of ammo and the attack button is held

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I can't see what I saw in the game. I mean you run around with an AK, AWP, or pumpshotty and aim for the head feet. If you've got any other weapon you need a fair amount of luck to get kills.


Obviously getting shot in the head arm, dying and then waiting out the round because no one could find/kill the idiot that was camping rather than doing objectives was extremely fun. That's what you saw in it.

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