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What's up guys, I'm Tim. Or Sole. I'm a Freshman this year and an RPG nerd.

Sorry it took so long to post, don't think I ever got the validation email and I stopped checking after a while.

(Right now I'm just waiting on Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and Diablo 3)

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it would be awesome if games like Rift could have lan tournaments. I remember at e3 the gm's talked about making arenas for lans. Thought that would be cool. Anyways, most rpg's here for tournaments are like LOL and starcraft(sorta an rpg). If you get bf3 when it comes out hit me up. I love fps and bf3 is suppose to be the ruler of all fps. I just hope EA can fix their hitboxes.

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All digitial and retail versions require Origin be installed to play the game. When you buy from someone like Direct2Drive you simply get an unlock code to use on Origin.


Origin's EULA allows EA to continually monitor the software that you install, uninstall, or use on your PC and is not prohibited from collecting personally identify information. The EULA further allows Origin to distribute this information to their "partners". No kidding. After a public outcry EA changed the wording to be more vague but it's still there.


The "server browser" is in a web browser outside the game. To join a server the game is launched from the browser. Similar to quick launch links that Steam allows except this is mandatory. To change servers while in-game, you have to quit the game. By contrast, the console version has a full-feature server browser.


It takes 100 hours to fully unlock everything in a kit. For example, you have to unlock the grenade launcher for each and every weapon in assault. Read as: the unlock process is going to be incredibly repetitive.


Oh, and due to a DLC conflict with Valve, the game won't be offered on Steam. Ever.


The game looks gorgeous and from all accounts plays that way as well. It's like EA and DICE got all the hard stuff right and the easy stuff wrong.

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