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WCU_NODICE says Hey guys buy this game and play it with me.

Lemm posts multiple times in thread showing interest.

Lemm buys game.

Lemm plays game and sends WCU_NODICE multiple join requests.

No response.

Lemm still posting.. waiting.

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Here's my review of Payday: The Heist



4 player co-op in which you try to rob a bank. Different goals are required to be completed to successfully rob the bank and escape with the money.


Rankup System:

I'm only on Reputation Level 6 or 7 out of about 145. The game has a level / xp system (no prestiging just unlocks). Each level gives you a new unlock depending on which class you have selected: Assault, Sharp Shooter, Support. There are level caps - the current one being at level 8. I can't get more than 4 upgrades in each class until I get to level 8 which forces the player to play other classes at some point. I played through single player on easy for about 3-4 times on the first map.



Gameplay is A LOT like Left 4 Dead. Even the team member outlines through the walls.

Enemy AI (The cops) alter their attack methods each time and items / objective can appear in different places on the map each time so there is a lot of replay-ability.

Aim down the sight.



Accuracy seems to be artificially degenerated at lower levels. There appears to be an imposed input lag between when you move the controller and when the gun moves.

You can't pause single player games.

Single Player AI is really dumb and DOES NOT perform mission objectives AT ALL.

I still haven't been able to connect to any multiplayer games.. not sure why this is. I've tried several times.. It keeps saying they are all full.

The game leaves some things out when telling you how to play.. like how shooting out the cameras keeps the cops from knowing where you are.. or how to change your rank-up class.



I can see how this would be really fun to play with actual people and it is fun on single player up to a certain point. The fact that the AI teammates won't help with mission objectives really makes it more difficult. Hopefully NoDice and I can work out a time to play soon and maybe get some more peeps on!

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LEMM!!! *edited* i saw your invites, but it didn't do pop ups or i have them turned off or ???. Anyways agree with your review. I got to play multiplayer twice and it was a lot of fun. I havent played the same level twice yet. I'm only like at lvl 4. need to figure out my blu-tooths

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I stopped playing payday because I was unable to connect to any multiplayer servers thus not leveling up. A patch was released yesterday fixing the server connectivity issue. Now, every server I connect to kicks me because my rep level isn't high enough for their standards.

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