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Do we still have a Secretary?

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I know I'm running the risk of looking like a jerk here, but I have to say something. There have been no meeting minutes for the last two meetings and there was not a tournament winners/attendance thread for the last LAN. What's going on here?

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Since you kept records can you please have the secretary post them.



I'm going to engage *edited* mode because it usually gets execs to do their jobs. Sorry in advance.


[*edited* mode]

It's sad that the secretary was so gung-ho about following the constitution to the letter and then he completely ignores one of the two duties listed in his own job description. I guess it should have been apparent how much he cared when he allowed voting on a position that doesn't even exist, and according to the constitution can't exist, but you'd think that he'd at least log into the message board to post about the meetings. He's the first secretary in the club's history NOT to do that. In fact, he hasn't been here in almost two months and as the secretary that's completely unacceptable.

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And they wonder why the LANs turn out so .... mediocre.

Which is why we had over a hundred people at the last one?


I'm wondering why it's stagnating at just over 100. In one year, we saw growth from 50-75 to easily 150. And the atmosphere was very different from the previous ones I attended. It was very underwhelming in comparison in both the PC and console sectors. Honestly.. it was just TOO quiet for a gaming LAN, and I'm not referring about the game volume.

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From the desk of the Secretary


1) New Club Name: Whee Game

2) VP of Consoles: Matt Wiard

a. Email: mwiard@wcu.edu

... 3) VP of PC: Felix

a. Email: JCdaniels1@catamount.wcu.edu

4) Secretary: Tim Franklin

a. Email: tdfranklin1@catamount.wcu.edu

5) Marketing: Dustin Faulkner

a. Email: dustincfaulkner@yahoo.com

6) Treasurer: Micheal Sapp

a. Email: mesapp1@catamount.wcu.edu

7) Historian: Haroon

a. Email: Absent

8) Man At Arms: Tyler

a. Email: tlpatirck1@catamount.wcu.edu

9) Wii Games: Super Smash Bros: Melee/ Wii Bowling

10) PS3 Games: Soul Caliber 4/ Mortal Kombat 9

11) Xbox 360 Games: Halo: Reach/ Gears of War 3

12) PC Games: League of Legends(5’s)/ Team Fortress 2/ Starcraft 2/ Halo

13) Handhelds Game: Pokemon Black and White

14) Note: Handhelds must be advertised on flyers/ Roughly 2 weeks a meeting for Officers in the club will be held, the date and location will be announced by the President ASAP.

Note that the Detailed Meeting Memo is in the Discussions.



This is all i could find about anything dealing with club activity as to meetings, other random stuff is on the facebook page.

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