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Meeting Minutes, Oct 22 2012

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Joe resigned from Prez

Frank is now Prez

Joshua Rudd is now PC VP

Joe had not booked Grand Room, going to be using UC MPRs instead.

Going to try to hold another lan Dec. 1st.

Exec meeting on Wednsday at 9pm via skype.



Meeting Minutes, 10/22/2012

First matter of business was electing a new president, as Joe (Thor) recently resigned from the position. As stated in the constitution, either of the VPs can step up to the role. Frank offered to step up to President, all other execs supported this. Later in the meeting, Josh Rudd offered to fill the PC VP slot and all other execs approved the motion and Joshua is now PC VP.

Next, we set up rules for games. League of Legends will be 5v5 Summoner’s Rift Draft Mode, with Rengar and the new champion (Ellise?) banned if she comes out before the LAN. Team Fortress will be ran the same way we usually have, using a team control point map like Harvest or Badlands, teamsize dependent on turnout. CS:GO will be a demolition map, team sized based on turnout. Minecraft will be using a PVP survival “Hunger Games” mod and map.

GoW will be 4v4 or 2v2 elimination race to 5. MK9 will be 1v1 best of 3 matches. Wurms be a free for all with top 2 advancing to the next round. Twisted Metal will be free for all, top 2 advance to next round, using the Merlin and/or Ghosttown maps. Melee will be 4 stock, 1v1, no items, best of 3 matches with a list of banned stages, loser picking next stage. Double Dash will be 1v1 single elimination

Matt took a tally of the systems/TVs/games we have for the console games. We need to borrow more copies of Mortal Kombat and Gears of War. As always, players are encouraged to bring any system or gear they want to and are welcome to organize their own multiplayer setups so long as they don’t interfere with official events.

We informed the freshmen at the meeting about our weekly mini-lans.

We discussed seating and table positions for the PC and Xbox games, Matt drew up a diagram that he will get to the UC employees. Matt, using his UC connections, decided to make sure the Grand Room was booked. Unfortunately, Joe (previous president) did not book the room. The executives made the decision to switch to the UC MPRs (Frank reserved these after the meeting). We also aim to book the UC Grand Room December 1st for the LAN after this one.

We brought up the topic of budget for the upcoming LAN, but we did not have the information on how much was in the box at that time, so we planned an executive meeting via skype on Wednesday to discuss this topic.

The executives talked to Joshua about the responsibilities of PC VP and will contact Felix to give him advice.

I apologize on behalf of the club that we did not have time to set up an event schedule. We will finalize one during the executive meeting.


Sean Dowey

Matt Driver

Javron Washington

Frank D’Auria

Antoinette Carey

Brandon Harris

Elizabeth-Ann Diehl

Michael Huffman

Konishka Weerannody (sp?)

Joshua Rudd

Daniel Gauldin

Walter Thomas

Snow Carrion

Michael Smith

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FYI anyone can check on the status of an event booking at any time. There's a public listing on the university's website. You can use that to go ahead and start finding lan dates for next semester.


The grand room is already booked on the 1st but you got the MP room so no harm done.


If the new PCVP needs server training I'd be happy to help. Unless Felix did anything drastic, everything should still be exactly like I left it.

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