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LAN 2013.1 - March 9, 2013

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A Lan Event is where a large group of people get together in intense gaming. The overall idea is to have fun playing games while getting to know your community. This Lan Event consists of Console and PC game tournaments. The event will be hosted in the Illusions room of the University Center at Western Carolina University on March 9th 2013 at 2pm-12am. Anyone is welcome to come out and play for free. However, tournaments have a fee of 5$ and if you are entering the first tournament you need to get their a bit early for you to setup. The prizes vary from games, gift cards, novelty and collective items. The games being played at this Lan Event are:

League of Legends 2:00pm
Smash Bros 2:15pm
Halo 4 4:00pm
Dinner------------------------------------------Dinner 5:00pm
COD Black Ops2 7:00pm
Battlefield 3 7:15pm
Playstation Allstars 7:30pm
Mario Kart 8:00pm
Starcraft 2 8:15pm
Team Fortress 2 9:15pm



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