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[poll] Brag about your setup!

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I use a cheap mic from Wally world it costs about 10 bucks, and a separate set of headphones. They are Sony and cost around 24 bucks at Wally world. But they have worked for me for almost 2 years. And I wouldn’t change a thing. My computer is not beefy. I mean Counter Strike doesn’t need one to play.


1.8 ghz amd athlon xp

1 gig ram

LAN party DFI ultra b board

Cheiftec case

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check it check it!


dude at my work has a dealer license for comp parts, im gettin the hook up!

-crossfire moboard

-amdx2 3800 CPU

-2!!! ati X1900 512mb cards

-2gb RAM


-1 250GB HDD 10000rpm SATA

-550w psu



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i have a p4 2.8 over clocked to 3.2 1 gig of xms extreme gameing ram that loves to be over clocked. I love my mother board and i have a ati 9800 pro 256 agp card also i have 2 hds 1 160gig and 1 40 gig im about to liquad cool the system and i have a 20 dell wide screen lcd . i also use the logitech mx518 mouse and 250 logitech head set and i have the logitech keyboard also

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