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hey guys im Al Capwnd (cool name huh)


anyways i really like yor cod2 server and i would like to be admin! ask raven he can vouche for me im a good guy


I'm 17 years old


I live in Greenwich, Conneticut.


I think you shoudl let me be admin because im always there, I play every day and I would do very well for you guys.

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haha, well thanks for making it to the forums! We always like to hear updates on how things are going, you can always post your comments and suggestions here.


As for the admin if you can wait out a week or two we will have our new website and admin applicatoin up and running. The qualifications for admin are very simple.

-Play games

-Active in the forums

-Gets along with others

-Respects the gaming club


So you have 2 weeks to prove yourself while in atleast 1 area that you are lacking. No pressure

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No worriess about gramer on this site. the grammer police will come allong and correct everyhitng.


also go ahead and instal IRC and join #wcugaming. theres a nice turtoal adam made on how to install it...





and the main thing is communication, keep us informed whast happening. alsways glad to here from everyone.... that reminds me, i havent seen urban in awile????

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