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How was the Lan for 2/10/07

How was the LAN for 2/10/07?  

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I dunno.. it seemed like console players really got shafted this time around. I mean.. the first console tourney was 5 hours after brackets and what not. I mean, granted console players could play PC games, but most of them don't because 1) they don't have a good enough PC and 2) they aren't as good at PC games. Then the Halo 2 tourney only had an hour and a half to be completed. Being the more popular of the two games (between Gears and Halo), it really needs more time dedicated to it since more people would be willing to play that game, therefore meaning more matches. We had to keep cutting down score and time limits just to make sure we'd finish in time. Honestly 5 min time limits or 25 kills doesn't show much in Halo.. Only who got the better spawn really. But I digress from that point. Console tourneys are more time consuming because they're limited by their equipment. In the PC games, everyone has their own PC and can easily run multiple matches of 16 or whatever number they can handle. However in the console gaming, you're limited to how many consoles are present (because everyone might not have one) and the number of TVs present. So as with the last LAN, we had 4 consoles. Since we were doing 2v2s with a full screen, then only 1 match could be played at any given time. Even with split screen, you can only run 2 matches at once. Plus rounds need to be extensive, such as a best 2 of 3 maps with a reasonable time limit and kill count.


My suggestions: Disperse the Console Tourneys throughout the PC tourneys. Have 2 PC Tourneys.. then Console, then another 1 or 2 PC tourneys, then Console, and finish out with PC tourney(s). Or have an entirely separate LAN date for just consoles, allowing for the PC gamers to easily join in by showing up the next weekend or whatever. A place to play wouldn't be an issue since consoles have a lot less equipment to power and handle; therefore, a smaller room can be used to accommodate it. Plus, if the consoles had its own separate day, multiple tourneys could be run other than just cramming in two game tourneys into a PC/Console mixed LAN. For instance, at a console only LAN, Halo 1 (which is still very popular and fun LAN-wise), Halo 2, Gears of War, and a Madden tourney could all be run. Within the Halo 1 and Halo 2 games, you could have a FFA, 2v2, and 4v4 tourneys easily and could get a very good turnout. Gears could be 2v2 and 4v4 as well. So there is definitely enough games and tournaments to fill up a day, not as much room is needed for a console tourney, and each tournament would have adequate time for a fair, and albeit popular by current standards, competition.


Also, try and get some console sponsors of some sort. Like GelTabz, Microsoft or Xbox itself, etc.

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We tried to squeeze far too many tournaments into one day. We really need to cut it down to 5 at most. I know the hardcore fans are going to hate this, but we need to pick one of CS:Source and CS 1.6, because we can't give full time to both and still have time for different things. Keep in mind this is not a professional tournament; it's all for the fun, not the wins.

I would suggest CS:Source, Quake III (for the fun, old-school feel), Halo 2, DOD:Source, and Unreal Tournament 2004. Maybe a Gears tournament could run during other PC tourneys to keep the console-only gamers busy.

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i agree with limiting # tourneys, we tried to do them all and in turn we did most of them in a sketch and cut the rest.


i suggest we set up PC/Consul tourneys to overlap.

for ppl that like CS and HALO they would just need to pick. or we can have 1.6 over lap with halo and gears over lap with CS:S. so that way everyone has a chance.


also need to decide what tourneys everyone like the best. (i'll make a poll) so go vote



as of now, we just dont have enough ppl to set up 2 days worth of LAN events. so thats just not an option at this time.




i also think we need a more organized "off tourney / free time".

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Maybe think about a different tournament format if we'd be running fewer tournies at an event. Some way so that even if you aren't good, you can stay in the competition for a little while, versus Round 1- you sucked. Next please.


Also I don't see why console tournies couldn't run all day, back to back, just like the PC games. I made the point already in another thread, but that gives everyone an opportunity to either compete all day on either platform, or go back and forth.


I know it's not about the competition, but let's face it- competing is more fun than free play, even if it is just a friendly tourny.


For instance, you could run CS:S, Quake 4, DOD:S, and Unreal 2k4 all day back to back like gxti suggested, meanwhile a Halo 2 tournament is running during the PC tournies, and then Gears of War run in the other half of the day during PC tournaments. The rest of the time, the consoles can be free play or you can add in another game as well.


More specifically, a schedule could look a little like this:


2:00-4:00 CS:S//Free play

4:30-6:30 Quake 4//Halo2


6:30-7:30 Dinner Break - 1 hour


7:30-9:30 DOD:S //Gears of War

10:00-12:00 Unreal 2K4//Other console tourny or free play


Just a thought...

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I think people are missing that a lot of PC tournaments got cut short as well. The way we had the schedule worked out was near perfect. The problem is getting people set up and logged into the games. We lost OVER 2.5 hours of game time that would have bumped the halo tournament up as early as 10. This 2.5 hours was lost to people not having games etc that they were supposed to get before the event even started. My point is that a lot of this stuff is out of our control.

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I really think it would be better to do something like jazzman said; have at most about 4 pc tournaments but have them be longer or something; Run a tourny in CS:S, UT2k4, DOD:S, and CS and be done with it, all the while have console tournys

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I love reading all these comments. You guys have great ideas, the problem is until you actually plan for and execute a LAN event, that is all you have just ideas. You really have no clue as to how much time and preparation go into each and every one of our LAN events.


BTW how many people were actually supposed to bring their consoles and tv's? I know at the one in December lots of people said that they would bring theirs and they didn't which is why we only had a limited number, I suppose that is why we had a limited number this time. I do think that the executives planned to have more consoles and tv's because they had extra space setup for them.


And as NoDice said, having more than one day for LAN's is not feasible at this time, nor is it supported by the constitution or staff. I hand it to the executive staff and advisors because they put at least 7-8 weeks of nothing but getting everything ready for the LAN events, which is why we have two and only two each semester.


I am sorry that consoles felt like they got cut short, that is an issue for your council leader, Akuzan.


Oh, why is CS1.6 getting cut in favor of CS:S...more people signed up to play CS1.6? Just a question.



How many people here have attended all 7 LAN events that the WCU Gaming Club has hosted? I know NoDice, Adambomb, NukeDude, and myself have, but I was just wondering how mnay others had as well.

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I have my share of experience with larger events than this, so know exactly how hard it is to put something like this together- we are just throwing ideas out and hoping one of them will be useful.


Careful how you word that sort of comment or you could scare off the people who are giving the suggestions that were asked for.

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I agree alot with what people have already posted in here. Have less PC tournaments, and keep console tournaments running at the same time.


Yes, alot of time was lost with setup, but for the next one, maybe have a way to get the games out that people need before hand. I know I didn't have some of the games needed, but now I'll at least remember to keep them when I reformat my machine.


Perhaps people volunteering during the LAN to help with setup would be an idea to look into. When you're not playing, help some of those who need help getting the games on their machines. I did what I could to help a few when I wasn't playing, and I'm sure that it helped out some of you executive members by freeing you up for more important issues that were needing to be addressed.


Just my $.02.



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This is a simple answer and fix. If you dont like the brackets,




If you dont like the amount or time of Tournies,




IF you dont like the games that we play at the lan,


Talk to everyone who plays that game and convince them that your game is better than theirs .. haha

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I've spent over 4 years learning the game and I still prefer Source over 1.6. Its honestly not that much harder to learn or play, you just have to learn not to shoot through freaking walls, how hard is that? :P


Either way, less tournaments would probably be a good idea. Cycle out some of the less popular games and put in the more popular. Take out the 1.6 Custom tournament and you would have another hour or so at least dedicated for Halo. Move the Halo tournament up or dedicate more time to free-play, it doesn't really matter. The tournaments were generally, in at least my opinion, well run and finished well within time constraints. Once the tournaments got underway then there was no issue finishing up in the alotted time-frame. As Kuros said earlier, a lot of time was spent/wasted getting people set up to play the games. If people had gotten there earlier or asked earlier to get the games installed, etc then that problem would not have arisen.

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