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We're Recruiting

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So we've open up the Cheater Free Society to casual active players now.


If you want to help recruit, let me know.


Just post in local chat something to this effect.. "Cheater Free Society [HaX] is recruiting casual active players. All skill levels are welcome. " Tag in PM for more info if you feel up to answering questions.. or refer them to me if I'm on.


Also ask any players in your party.


If they ask about GvG or Hall of Heroes, say we're not focusing on that, but willing to attempt if enough interest in guild is present.


Same goes for PvP. This is a PvE/Casual Play guild. Centered around community and having fun. Also refer them here to the forums.


If you are not an officer, simply PM one of them if they're on.. or write their name down and let one of us know if they aren't.

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With the exception of Guild Wars: Eye of the North, each of the others is a separate campaign that is independent of the others. Each has their own full skill sets, items, armors, storyline, and individual features.


Prophecies - Pros: A little bit longer story-line, takes times to develop character, get skills as quest rewards.

Cons: Only 6 professions (Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist, Mesmer). Default henchmen. Fewer "Unique items" (Or so it seems).


Nightfall - Pros: Heroes (Customizable NPC Henchmen), Rich environment, Buried Treasure, 6 Prophecies professions + Paragon and Dervish. Storyline Choices.

Cons: Lots of Running. Having to complete story to go back to certain areas. Quests/Missions w/ Required Heroes.



Like I said, Eye of the North (which comes out next weekend) does require that you have one chapter installed and it doesn't matter which one.

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