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Move Gun Game to Gun Game: Source  

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  1. 1. Shall we move Gun Game Mod to CSS?

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    • No

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The Source community is at least 3x the size of the 1.6 one. How many of the 1.6 players actually play on this thing? Mostly all I see is Venezuelans anymore. I already have the Gun Game Source Server installed. I think it's time we moved on and let this thing die. Put up a server that we'll actually play. Let the South American's get their own server.

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if it doesent draw from trons resources and we can run it allong side tf2 css 1.6, my votes for GG:S

i'll have time next semester to help dial the server settings in,, tiss be fun..


however the gf and loot are gonna be mad, as they both play it 24/7


As a side note, 1.6 draws lie @% server lode at most,, can we run both? (with a easy vote from the constitution of course, to allow more than 5 hosted games)

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I have a test server up which is running 99% to my liking. We need to populate it and see how Tron handles the extra load. There are lots of overhead possibilities from the 1,000,000 different things gun game loads.



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