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Ashely Tisdale > Hannah Montana

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Canada. I always thought it seemed interesting and wanted to drink some milk in a bag. Though I imagine it is exactly like normal milk, only in a bag. I've also heard from people with bagged milk experience that occasionally they try to open the milk bag and spill it everywhere. Laughter ensues (at least for me. I imagine they werent happy with the milk spilling).

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just got back from the dentist where I seen Hannah Montana on the cover of US magazine, entriged, I read that she had a nose job. Whats your deal? nothing > canada, nothing.....


LOLOL :lol:

Pay more attention.. Thats Ashley Tisdale who got a nose job... no wonder rumors get started fool



Hannah > You

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Gah Raine.. KISS 95.1 Sillly... and it plays a lot... and its on the Top 5 at 9 Hot 5 at 9 whatever its called..


Yeah.. I heard that too.. and all that jibberish about her at the last Cowboys game and thats why the lost.. HA.. bullocks..


She could do so much better than him though you're right.. but more like MEEE Geezzz


Also here you go

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