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Kuros and I want to go and we want to bring a team of 5 for TF2 and CS:S. The lan is feb 23rd, 1 week after ours, more info here:

If we can get 2 teams going, even better!


If you can go and you are pretty decent let us know!


Team SO FAR:


Definitely Going:









Possibly going (50/50):


FascistFlakes (90%)

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Sorry kip...


We went over this yesterday. You sucked, I didn't. GG. Now if you had wanted me to leave the base completely unguarded all you had to do was ask. I'm all about losing :rolleyes:


I had planned on doing the "suitcase college" thing that weekend but if you're short I can go.

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lol I was just messing with you kip.

Though I do like how you changed it around to say that I sucked and that if you had left we would have lost. We lost anyway :( It had nothing to do with you or me it was just we had no team strategy.

But in all honesty we will take you. With any luck we can get Dice and have a pretty good team of 5...

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Yeah Falcon if you want to come just to play that would be great as we already have to take 2 vehicles I'm sure we would have more than enough room for you if you want to go. I don't know if we are going to have a very competitive team anyway; heck though if we get enough interest we can take enough for 2 teams!

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You don't have to be good at TF2 to help our team achieve victory. Anyone that is not sure of what to do can do 1 of 2 things (a) be a medic and heal kuros or (B) be an engineer and guard the intel. Or if your sniping skills are up to snuff, be a sniper.

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