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DOD:S Tourney Map Setup  

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  1. 1. Should it be the same as the last two?

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So, since this is probably one of the tournaments I look forward to most I wonder: Are we doing it the same as last time?






That was the last two DOD:S tournies, actually, and it worked really well.

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I also was very confused when we went from a capture type map to a bomb map... I didn't really understand how it worked, so how about next time we explain it to everyone before we play, I mean just a quick this is what you do on this map thing?

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That's a good idea, Bitey. I'm sure we can do a quick run down of the basics at the beginning of the tourney.


We'll also need to make the scoring/method of advancement clear at the beginning next time as well since I think there was a bit of confusion when we did it last.

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Don't change the tournament that everyone said was the best...


:D I'm rather proud of the maps I picked.


I suppose if there was an overwhelming backlash against colmar it could be removed, but I was under the impression most be liked the mix up. Plus colmar is just a good map for the second round because of size and set up.

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I assume we'll be gathering everyone together like last time at the beginning of the tourney. When we do we can go over scoring and advancement, how the map types are played, and anything else of import.


Every time we've done that it made things go much smoother.

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Scoring should continue to be additive between objectives and kills.


Forgot to mention earlier that I agree with this. Any objections?


If not I'd say it's a nice way to work it since it balances out (for the most part)

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