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Cheater Free Society [HaX]

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Oh Malley is no longer the leader of Western's GW guild or even a part of it for that matter. He left us for a more active guild with people who actually play regularly. This have been said I am the new leader of the guild and had to make some choices. The first choice was to kick everyone out of the guild who has been inactive for over a month. That was like 90% of you guys. This was nothing personal but I'm going to actually expand the guild past just WCU members and having members who were almost 10 months inactive scares away new recruits into joining. Second choice was to make applying a requirement for the guild. This is to make our guild seem more official. I'm sorry if this makes any of you angry but I seriously doubt it since you never really played in the first place. All of you are welcome back anytime just note you have to apply now and will get kicked if you are one month inactive.

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