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It's all about the dates. Whenever a gunlaw is witten they almost always allow weapons imported, built, or registered prior to the enactment to remain legal. That's why you can still legally buy fully automatic M16s and MP5s, if the lower receiver was registered prior to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 then any upper or furniture used with it is also a legal part of the full auto weapon. They're typically pretty expensive, in and around the $10-15,000 range depending on age and quality but nothing says GTFO my porch like a full auto, belt-fed M60.

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I'm just going to drop this right here. This is from the MSDN WinSock tutorial. Note the example port they used.


1.The getaddrinfo function is used to determine the values in the sockaddr structure:

•AF_INET is used to specify the IPv4 address family.

•SOCK_STREAM is used to specify a stream socket.

•IPPROTO_TCP is used to specify the TCP protocol .

•AI_PASSIVE flag indicates the caller intends to use the returned socket address structure in a call to the bind function. When the AI_PASSIVE flag is set and nodename parameter to the getaddrinfo function is a NULL pointer, the IP address portion of the socket address structure is set to INADDR_ANY for IPv4 addresses or IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT for IPv6 addresses.

•27015 is the port number associated with the server that the client will connect to.

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