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Ok, here is the Starcraft tournament info. I figure I'd get it out early so people can practice on the maps if they want to.


Map pool: Lost Temple, Luna the Final, Python 1.3, Blue Storm 1.2, and Zodiak 1.01 (All maps are 'low money' and are currently used on the largest non Kespa ranked ladder, ICCUP. If you do not have them already, they can be downloaded HERE: http://www.iccup.com/ Just go to files -> maps)


The format depends entirely on the amount of players. If we have 16 or more, we will do a 'Round Robin' style with four groups of four people. The top two from each group (8 people) move on to a regular ladder style. If we have less than 16 people, a regular ladder format will be used.


Round Robin games will all be on Lost Temple. Ladder games will be a best of three, starting on Lost Temple with the loser picking the next map from the pool. The final match will be a best of five and the maps will follow in the order in which they are listed above.


Please be sure to save all replays and report win/loss immediately to me.


Any form of hacking or third party programs will result in immediate disqualification (Suspect replays will be analyzed per request of any player). Also, in no case are any bugs allowed (this includes allied mines and the observer-on-turret thing). What is allowed, however, is Hold Lurkers and Manner buildings. If a player disconnects during a game and the winner is not easily clear already, the game will be replayed. Otherwise, it will result in a win for the other player. These are the only rules during a game. No other restrictions will be placed upon the players (such as no rushing, highest resource score wins, ect..)


Alright, thats about it. If you have any questions feel free to leave them here and I'll try my best to clear them up. ^^ I am glad to see Starcraft back in our line-up here at WCU!

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